“Store bought brands fail over 70% of the time. ClearLice works every time.”

“It is a waste of money to buy any other product!!” – Megan

ClearLice succeeds where store brands fail!

Natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients mimic the molting process of head lice. Once the hard exoskeletons of the lice and nits begin to dissolve, lice and nits cannot survive when exposed to ClearLice™ and can never become immune.

Thousands of families ended their lice nightmare with ClearLice

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Safe, natural, and no harsh chemicals.

“ClearLice is the best product on the market to get rid of Lice.” – Mr. J. King

“The only head lice treatment that actually killed the nits. Highly recommend!” – Michael W., Los Angeles

“ClearLice is AMAZING… If you are put off by the cost, don’t be. Thank you ClearLice!!”Gina

ClearLice is a family-owned company that was started out of the same frustration you are going through. ClearLice has been in business for almost 6 years now and has helped thousands of families end their head lice nightmare.

ClearLice was developed to use on the founders 2-year-old son. For that reason it had to be natural and pesticide-free. It also had to be gentle enough for his delicate scalp. Together with a chemist, ClearLice was born.

  • Works Mechanically Without Poisons Or Pesticides
  • Proprietary Formula Developed From 2 Years Of Research
  • Manufactured And Tested In An FDA Certified Lab In The USA
  • Works In One Day – No Retreating For Eggs

Clearlice™ Ingredients

Clearlice is a natural formula that does NOT contain poisons, pesticides or harmful chemicals. It is safe for use on the most delicate child’s head. It contains pure natural oils of Neem, Tea Tree, and Peppermint. We use pure Natrum Muriaticum, and a pure blend of rare Root Extracts from around the world. Our ingredients our perfectly blended in safe, non-toxic proportions and micro-tested under strict manufacturing guidelines in our FDA registered Lab in the USA.

Our proprietary blend works in a two-step process:

Step One: The ingredients in Clearlice break down the protective shells of the lice and nits.

Step Two: Without the protective shells, the combination of the proprietary ingredients attack the nervous system of the lice and nits.

Lice can never become immune to the ingredients in Clearlice because they work mechanically, not with pesticides. Clearlice is so safe and pure, that your child could use it every day. We GUARANTEE you will be completely satisfied with the results from Clearlice™


PLEASE NOTE: Nothing from these Clearlice reviews and emails have been changed, added to, or removed, except for customer last names and locations to protect the privacy of our customers.

  • I was truly AMAZED at how quickly this worked for us! I have three daughters with very long hair. Only our youngest had lice. It was very difficult to keep them all separated (they normally sleep together) and to keep everything washed each and every night. I was at my Witt's end! I had spent well over $500 on over the counter products with no avail. It was getting really annoying after the first couple of weeks of treating. We even made a trip to our Dr. and he prescribed medication that did not work and she had to have it on her head for over 12 hrs. Did not work. I had seen your product on line before going to the doctor. I am sick that I did not order it before. I have told ALL of my daughters teachers to get the spray for their classrooms. This is TOTALLY the most AMAZING product ever!

    Amber :)
    Amber :)
  • What can I say? Thanks God, finally the nightmare is over! Many thanks to Clearlice and their reliable, helpful staff. Cure was 100% worth the money spent. This was an absolute success after having tried uncounted over-the-counter cures to no avail at all. One and a half year of pure horror. When the lice were dead on one family member's head, they started crawling again on another family member's head. The Clear Lice procedure is explained very well in a small itinerary that is very well written and most important to understand how headlice work and how they can be destroyed. Would order again anytime! Thanks again.

  • Our granddaughters' school had a severe epidemic and kept reinfecting each other. Three times we purchased and used toxic products from the drugstore recommended by the pharmacist and still had a problem. We were afraid to keep using the toxic products and purchased a ClearLice home kit. After using the ClearLice products we haven't had a problem. I would give ClearLice a 5 rating. It even smells good.

  • Thank you so much Susan. And let me just tell you, I have had a hard time getting rid of the nasty little critters. Spent sooo much money on the store brands, when i came across your web site i thought well it can't hurt but i'm here to let you know it has work!!! Thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT THAT WORKS!!!!!

    Product that works
    Product that works
  • Clearlice worked great. My daughter got lice from a girl at school when when she borrowed her jacket, then I got it, and also my son. I was so frustrated and embarrassed, that I didn't know what to do. I went to the doctor, and they treated me like I had the plague or something. They gave me a prescription which did not work, then we tried over the counter stuff, and that didn't work either. I finally did some research online and found clearlice. It worked great, I could see the dead lice coming out of our hair while rinsing the product out. Give this stuff a try, it works better than anything else out there!

    Clearlice worked great
    Clearlice worked great
  • Dear Clearlice-My daughter was sent home from school with lice just weeks before the holidays. I treated her with an over the counter product on day 1 and understood she would need to retreat on day 7. I heard stories that this process could go on for weeks and even months with this product. I couldn't have that with holidays coming up! The school nurse said another mom swore by Clearlice, so I checked it out on line and purchased it right away. On day 7, we shampooed and combed ALL 5 of us, treated the home, and the cars and we felt comfortable doing so since your product is non-toxic. We followed the directions exactly as they were directed. My house never felt so clean and smelled good, too!! I am happy to say that so far, so good! It has been 34 days. I am so glad I was able to enjoy the holidays feeling confident, clean, and lice free with only one treatment of Clearlice!!! Our elementary school is having difficulty keeping up with lice issue, so I am keeping Clearlice stocked on hand so I am ready if need be on day 1!! I also followed up with the school nurse to tell her our success with your product and encouraged her to continue to recommend it. Thanks so much!!

    Thanks so much ClearLice
    Thanks so much ClearLice
  • This product is AMAZING! I have used the two popular products in the stores, but it cannot compare to Clearlice. The line of products has a very pleasant smell, but most of all this product WORKS!! At first I was skeptical, but I was tired of buying the same product over and over again until my daughter came upon this website so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. To see the actual dead lice after the first shampoo? It just shocked me. It was unbelievable. The conditioner is awesome. It made my daughter's hair smooth and easy to comb out the nits too. There were a few nits that the comb couldn't get to because it was in a hard to reach area for the comb, but it was not a problem since they were very easy to remove with my fingertips. I slept better last night knowing that the lice weren't in my daughter's head. I will HIGHLY recommend buying this product to family and friends

    Rosie from HI
    Rosie from HI
  • have been a hairstylist for 24 years...Imagine my nightmare when I looked across the room and saw my 11 year old daughter scratching her head uncontrollably....i thought NO!!!! and as I split her hair open behind her ears I started to cry....I realized that my days ahead were going to be filled with my hands in a lice filled head....Now I have 3 other kids too and If i get them I am not allowed to work because i work with the public on their hair....I immediately drove to the pharmacy and bought everything on the shelf and used everything on the shelf....We went into lice crack down....with my husbands help we pitched alot washed what we couldnt and bagged swept everything only to find them in my other daughters hair....nothing would stop this rampage on my home no matter hours of picking and midnight cleanings......I researched late into the evening and found CLEARLICE.....I immediately treated everyone in the house....recleaned....kept things bagged that should be and thats the end......the lice were gone....No harsh chemical on my babies heads.....I Tell all my customers about clearlice!!! We are now lice free...thankyou

    We are now lice free
    We are now lice free
  • Best stuff ever!!! I've used other products without any luck. Just one treatment of Clearlice and no more lice or nits. I've told the nurses at our school (unfortunately there's quite an outbreak) and they've been telling all the parents about it. It's the only products I'll ever use (hopefully I won't have to though).

    Best regards, Lynda H.
    Best regards, Lynda H.
  • Hi! Clearlice most definitely stopped my nightmares. I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get rid of them! The family pack we purchased had enough products that we are still using the conditioner. It's been awhile since we've seen any new nits, but we had enough shampoo to do "spot" treatments anytime we found a few stray nits. It was SO nice to just keep on treating and not have to worry about toxicity! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing product! I can't say enough good things :)

  • Dear Clearlice, I ordered your kit back in June. I am so sorry for not responding before now, scared I would jix myself and the lice would come back. I had explained to Ms.Susan when I ordered the kit that I have 4 children and I had spent..... Oh Lord I would hate to think what it has added up to. I have cut my girls hair, shaved my sons head, dyed the girls hair. Tried every home remedy, tried the robo comb or what ever they call it. Tried the brand names, tried the cheap stuff. I even got the point that I would go to other town to buy lice shampoo. I was so embarrassed at that point to go to my local stores, afraid of what they would be thinking. Finally i want online saw the price and said hey if it works I have already spent more than that. Swear I think I could have went on a trip or sent one of the kids to college on the money I had spent.<344.gif> So I went online saw the web site. Got yalls number and called placed the order. The kit came in, the kids were so ready to get rid of the lice and we sat down on that Saturday followed the instructions....... And All I can say is Thank You Clearlice. Thank You the world over. For the first time in awhile I wasn't scared when the kids started back to school. Head check was not an issue this year. I knew Clearlice had done the job. And Honestly Thank You really isn't enough for what your product has done for me and my kids. I know it costs a little more than the store stuff but hey you will thank yourself in the end. Thanks Again Clearlice. -- Thanks Tab

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The Lice Arrive

When our son, Zachary, was 2 1/2 years old, he was sent home from preschool with lice. The first thing my husband, Howard, and I did was run to the store and buy Rid. We’re generally very natural, health-conscious people, and when we read the label, we were nervous about putting all those chemicals on our son’s head. But there seemed to be no alternative. We could see the lice crawling in Zachary’s beautiful curly hair. It was awful! So we applied the shampoo. It smelled terrible, like someone sprayed Raid all over the room. My son was crying, his eyes were burning, and we spent five hours combing out the eggs. It was a horrible experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But it seemed to work. According to the directions, we had to do it again a week later. We were hesitant, but we figured we had no choice.

The Lice Spread to Me

And then one day I woke up and felt something in my own hair, my worst nightmares were confirmed, had lice too! I used Rid, and it actually burned my scalp. I vowed never to use it again, but what else was there? I spent my time scrubbing and crying, cleaning, and vacuuming. Howard began staying home from work to care for our baby so I could clean. I tried the same home remedies on my hair, which made it oily and disgusting. And still, we couldn’t get rid of the lice.

ClearLice™ is Born

By this time, our lice problems had been going on for months, and we were frantic. My husband was determined to find a solution that didn’t involve stronger chemicals. He began researching methods people use throughout the world to get rid of lice, and he discovered simple, natural lice-eliminating ingredients that had never been used in this country. He then went to a family friend who is a chemist, and together, they put together a non-toxic formula that they hoped would be effective, and knew wouldn’t hurt our family. They scented it with peppermint oil, so it would smell good, and wouldn’t make our son cry.

Lice-Free at Last

Then came the big test. We applied one treatment to our son’s head and left it in for 30 minutes. And the lice just started falling out, dead. Then we combed his hair, and the rest of the dead lice came out quickly and easily, and that was it. They were gone. I used the shampoo myself and had the same experience. We’ve never had to do a treatment again. It seemed like a miracle.

After that, friends who had suffered with lice, and there were a lot more than we thought, and all the parents from my son’s school, began approaching us. They all had the same story; they were at their wits’ end, just as we had been. We mixed more batches of the formula and gave it to them, and they, too were happy to report that the lice were finally GONE. And best of all, the process was simple and painless.

Through our research, we discovered that people are often reinfested because of lice and nits that are living away from your head! A louse can survive up to two full days without human blood, and can crawl right back on you for a free meal. And nits take seven to 10 days to hatch, and once they do, they’ll immediately find a healthy scalp to crawl on and feed. Realizing this, Howard and the chemist went to work developing products that would get rid of any lice and eggs that might have been floating around our home and car.

We have now been lice-free for nearly three years! We are so happy to offer a solution to those of you who are suffering as we did. Your troubles will soon be over. Try Clearlice. Take it from me, it really works!


Danielle Shecter, mom and co-founder, Clearlice™


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“It killed everything, the adult lice, the baby lice, and even the nits.”

We used Rid and Nix, and spent about $60 going back and forth to the pharmacy and buying more bottles. The lice would go away for a few days and then come back. We realized that no matter what we used, the nits kept hatching. Nothing we did could kill the nits. When we did our research online, we found you all. Your product did exactly what it claimed it would. It killed everything, the adult lice, the baby lice, and even the nits. It was the only one we found that did this. Thanks for a great product that does what it says.”


– Kelly J., California

“ClearLice is the best product on the market to get rid of LICE.”

I live in Southern California and my daughter slept over a friends house who just returned home from camp. My daughter woke up the next morning complaining of her head itching, so I checked it and “BAMMMM” there they were “LICE” everywhere! I went to Walgreens, and then CVS and purchased generic rid first and rid. These did not work. So, I looked online and found (CLEARLICE). Ordered it Thursday evening and it got here Friday afternoon. I followed these directions exactly how the instructions explained. From this day forward I will always use “ClearLice.” So, yes this product does work.


It works so great my daughter called the company and thanked them herself and she is only 11yrs old.”


– Mr. J. King

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FACT:Over 12 million children in the U.S. alone contract head lice every year. The most common myth is that “dirty people” get it. The truth is that lice actually like clean heads. They want to get right to the scalp to eat, and lay eggs. Dirt and grease just get in the way.

Home remedies do not work.

Lice have a breathing system that is protected by their hard exoskeleton. Smothering lice with mayonnaise or olive oil will not work and some people advise putting kerosene and mouth wash on your child’s head This does not work and is extremely dangerous.

ClearLice works and it’s safe for your family.

Guaranteed to end lice in 1 day with our system.
  • Shampooing Hair breaks open the protective outer shells of lice and nits. It loosens the glue lice use to stick to the hair shaft, so most lice and nits will rinse out down your drain.
  • Conditioning Hair plumps and softens your hair, while soothing itchy scalps. Aloe Vera helps to heal bites. It also makes the comb glide through the hair with ease, and helps protect against re-infestations.
  • Comb out any dead lice or nits with our stainless Steel Comb. Our patented comb does not damage hair at all. Combing insures no louse or nit is left in your hair.
  • Wash all washables in our laundry additive to ensure no nits or lice are stuck on your clothes, which helps stop re-infestations.
  • Spray your furniture, car, and anything that cannot be washed to ensure that no lice or nits are left on furniture, bedding, car interiors, etc. which also helps stop re-infestations.
  • Vacuum thoroughly to make sure there are no lice or nits (dead or alive) left in your carpets, or environment.

After using ClearLice you’ll literally see lice and nits falling out into your sink.

Hair can be thick and long. To make sure every last louse and nit is out, we highly recommend combing. This will be much easier than what you did before. Our customers have reported a 20-minute combing through thick hair is enough to find those last couple stubborn nits.

Fast, discrete shipping to your door.

We know the frustration that comes with a head lice infestation. That’s why we’re sure to always have our ClearLice products in-stock and ready to ship to you right away. Place your order by 5pm today with next day delivery and you’ll have it tomorrow or the next business day!

Why do I need to treat my home?

One of the biggest causes of re-infestation is not getting the lice out of your environment. Lice will live up to 48 hours off of your head, and nits will survive for up to 10 days on your sofa, your car seats, your bedding, etc.

Head Lice Treatments Natural vs Pesticides

It is normal for us, as parents, to panic when we find out our child has head lice or there has been a head lice outbreak in our child’s school. Our first reaction is to rush to our local drug store and purchase an over-the-counter head lice treatment. We are unaware that these lice products contain pesticides and chemicals that may be harmful to our children. Let’s take a look at some other lice treatment options, so you can choose an effective but most importantly safe and natural method for your family.

We have all heard of the most common over-the-counter lice treatments, RID and NIX. Permethrin is the active ingredient in NIX. Permethrin can cause burning of the scalp, body numbness, abdominal pain, and fever. RID’s active ingredient is Pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. The combination of these chemicals can result in itching and swelling of the face or throat, dizziness, and trouble breathing.

In recent years most lice strains have grown resistant to these chemicals, due to overuse. These treatment methods may not kill the lice and may harm your child. Is it worth the risk?

Prescription Head Lice Treatment

When over-the-counter lice treatments fail, parents often turn to a medical professional. Doctors prescribe lindane or malathion, chemical pesticides used to get rid of lice. These chemicals can result in seizures, dizziness, headaches, and burning.

The FDA has determined in clinical trials that lindane and malathion has a greater risk for neurological damage in children. Prescription lice treatments are extremely controversial due to the dangers that can result.

ClearLice Natural Head Lice Treatments and Preventatives

clearlice-is-nontoxicThere are natural lice treatments on the market that do not contain harmful chemicals or pesticides. Shampoos, conditioners, and sprays that use natural oils have been shown to help eliminate lice. You should also make sure to use a comb specifically designed to eliminate lice and nits (lice eggs).

ClearLice treatment products are made of natural ingredients, botanicals, enzyme complexes, and plant extracts. They work with one another to mimic the molting process of head lice to disrupt their life cycle. Once the hard exoskeleton of the lice and nits begin to dissolve, nits and lice cannot survive when exposed to ClearLice formula. Head lice can never become immune to ClearLice. ClearLice products are gentle on your child’s scalp and can safely eliminate lice and nits in one day. 100% guaranteed!

You must treat your head and your home environment to end a lice infestation in one day, and stop it from coming back. “Getting rid of head lice requires treating the individual, the family, and the household.”

– The American Academy of Pediatrics

The Clearlice Advantage
  • Clearlice is natural, and Pesticide-Free
  • Clearlice is safe to use immediately after other treatments have failed
  • Our complete kit treats your scalp and your home
  • We made sure Clearlice is safe and easy to use
  • We designed Clearlice to effectively eliminate lice and nits in one day

“Clearlice finally ended our nightmare!!”

“I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on other treatments only to have it return. At one point, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown over the whole situation. I found Clearlice and the nightmare was over. It has been over a month and the lice have not returned. We have had a breakout in our community from ball season and swim team so I continue to use the conditioner once every two weekson my daughters hair just to be safe. It is a waste of money to buy any other product!!”Megan

“The only head lice treatment that actually killed the nits. Highly recommend!”

– Michael W. – L.A. California

“I loved the shampoo! It smelled wonderful.”

“And my daughter did not mind me placing it on her head. It was a nightmare w/ the other products we used. The nit comb was wonderful! It was the only comb that got the nits out. I felt more secure w/ their laundry detergent designed to kill lice and nits. Thank you so much! We loved the product!!”

– Melanie

“Clearlice is AMAZING!”

I treated my daughter TWICE with over the counter products, cur her waist length hair to her shoulders and combed nits every night for two weeks before getting the Clearlice. We followed the directions and were nit and lice free after ONE TREATMENT. TRULY AMAZING. If you are put off by the cost, don’t be. Your time, energy and nerves are well worth it…. THANK YOU CLEARLICE!!”


About Head Lice Treatments:

It is a common myth that head lice cannot survive off of a human host. This is absolutely not true!

As a matter of fact this is a major reason why people get re-infested a few days after they treat their heads, or even up to 10 days later. Why? Because a louse can survive up to 2 full days without human blood. When a human is within crawling distance, they will climb on for a free meal.

Nits take 7-10 days to hatch and will be looking for their first meal. They are extremely efficient at finding a healthy scalp to crawl on and feed. This is why it is so important to treat your hair and your home. This includes your sofa, bedding, stuffed animals, clothes, and car.

If you do not treat everything, chances are you will get a re-infestation within the next 2 weeks. This is why we have put together everything you need to be lice free in one complete system. We highly reduced the price to make this lice removal system affordable for everyone.

Choose the head lice treatment system that is right for you and your family. We have head lice treatment systems for one person and treatment systems for your entire family.

Our products consist of ingredients from all over the world that have been used to eliminate head lice for centuries. We believe our head lice products are the best. Read our customer reviews and you will see thousands of customers agree.

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